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Monday, June 12, 2006

what makes joe volpe a Liberal?

"Within a leadership position, if you're going to support Conservative issues and you're not going to differentiate yourself from the Prime Minister, then you're not going to be in a position to fight for Liberal principles against the Conservative government," says Joe Volpe.

This is drawn from a larger tirade which served a very simple purpose: Attack the next easiest target so that people might forget about you.

This is all very patent. Yet I couldn't help my incredulity when I read this, nonetheless.

On what principles has Volpe constructed his political being?
a) social conservatism
"...marriage cannot be treated like any other invention or program of government. Marriage serves as the basis for social organization; it is not a consequence of it. Marriage signifies a particular relationship among the many unions that individuals freely enter; it's the one between a man and a woman that has two obvious goals: mutual support and procreation of children (barring a medical anomaly or will). No other type of relationship, by definition, can fulfill both goals without the direct or indirect involvement of a third party....for most MPs, marriage remains the cornerstone of society, not some government response to the most recent lobby."
In fairness, when it appeared that this position may damage his professional career, he was quick to abandon it.

He is also routinely listed by Pro-Choice advocacy groups as an anti-abortionist. I can't offer a quotation here, but will only defer to his reputation.

b) fiscal conservatism
Again, with more time I could built a more convincing case. Instead I will suffice with saying he is the only Liberal that has ever told me that "the best social program is a job" (in response to a question about homelessness issues).

So how, then, has he earned his red and white stripes?

He has come to personify the corruption and number fudging that Canadians associate with this party. I could joke about his recent fundraising woes but it is far too easy... a bit like taking candy from a baby.

Not that that's the only tie that binds him to this great institution. This weekend, when referring to Ignatieff as a Republican (is he that stupid or does he just believe we all are), he reminded us all of the heavy-handed fear tactics that have so endeared us to Canadians over the past year.

So when Joe Volpe invokes his "Liberal principles" we ought to be wary.

- Mike (SCG)


Anonymous liz said...

I do not know why he is after Iggy at all. Is he is worried what Iggy said about him..he is not the only Liberal that thinks the same way. I think Iggy is more of a Liberal.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Zac said...

I was shocked when Volpe dusted off the ol' "best social program is a job" line at the LPCO as well.

Personally, I think the guy is a bit out of place. He belongs back in the 1980s backroom boys club - making deals and plotting back stabbing.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Volpe has consistently shown no class in this leadership contest. Constantly attacking, and even doing so w/ no factual basis, and yet now the conversation in th epress is Ignatieff started the battle? THank you for pointing out the very clear realities that people seem to have a hard time remembering. Why are opinions being formed around innuendo and sloganeering and not careful analysis.
I'll probablly post about the debate and hav emore to say abou tol Joe. But you covered it nicely.

12:41 PM  

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