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Friday, June 02, 2006

Watch Jim Prentice grow increasingly less comfortable with his own reflection

This is remarkable stuff.

October 27, 2005:
Mr. Jim Prentice (Calgary Centre-North, CPC): Mr. Speaker, on August 19 the people of Kashechewan met with the Minister of Indian Affairs and they begged for his help. He did nothing. For eight desperate, squalid weeks, these Canadians were poisoned by E. coli and hepatitis. This minister knew and he slept. This minister cannot be trusted with the lives of those who cannot defend themselves, so on behalf of aboriginal Canadians in our society, who are the poorest of the poor, I ask this minister to resign.

June 2, 2006:
Tories axe deal to move reservation . The people of the Kashechewan First Nation are told to return to desperation and squalor.

What an umitigated disapointment Jim Prentice has been. It's clear that the Bob Izumis at U of Calgary are running his show.


Elsewhere, tonight Ricky Williams learns that he ain't got nothin' on the Ticats linebacker corps. Ahem.

- Mike (SCG)


Blogger Steve said...

Wow. Good thing the NDP is raising such a ruckus about this as the social conscience party eh? hmmm...

Toronto, save George Stromboloplous, is my kinda town, welcome Ricky. ha ha

10:59 PM  
Blogger Sholdice said...

The only drugs Ricky will be taking are those prescribed by Canada's excellent and efficient medicare system.

6:06 AM  
Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

Ricky - 7yds
HAM 31

12:22 PM  
Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

The Dippers I know have more essential social crusades to pursue... like legalizing at-best mildly harmful substances, supporting community theatre, etc. That's what having a real social conscience is all about - something we can never understand.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

If only we could stop our never ceasing quest for power we could maybe understand such things.

Hey maybe Kinsella could take that and quote it, and say, "I think that says it all about where he stands" or something. ha ha

Hey, it was an exhibition game my man. He only had a few carries.

12:11 AM  
Blogger decoin said...

What an umitigated disapointment Jim Prentice has been. The way to deal with our indigenous bretheren is to bury them with the cash of those Canadians who do hold a job and pay taxes. This normally shuts up this pathetic fraction of the population for 6-12 months, until they spend all the cash and start bleating for more.

6:31 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Decoin, stop trying to exercise your sad anxieties here, trying to strike back at some opinion you don't like but don't actually hear here. What the post DID say was Prentice is renegging on his own promise, which you would have supported just a few months ago. I wish more Conservatives would be honest and stop hiding behind electioneering, ie. saying what they really feel, as you do here, and then the country would wake up real fast.

I'm not expert, but hmmm, it seems to me people drowning in cash don't tend to live in squalor..maybe that's just part of their inferiority eh Decoin old chap?

9:59 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

I suppose you'd say they spent it all. Spare me the inevitable rehashing I get it, thought I'd throw you back some of your own sarcasm.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Penny said...

As far as I know, Indian Affairs - or a rose by any other name - insist on handing the money over to the Band via the Chief, rather than the individuals. Thus the Chiefs can hand some of the dough out to their friends and family, and fly off to Hawaii for the winter with the rest, while the rest of the plebes freeze in the dark back on the rez.

If the govt gave cheques to individuals or families, there might be a difference in how the grants, or whatever they are, were dealt with. The Chief and his cronies might actually have to help a few people in order to get their votes.

And many do. There are still ethical people out there, but for many, the temptation is just too great.

10:10 PM  
Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

Hey! It appears that our friend the bargain-basement lawyer is back.
Let's buckle this thing down as succinctly as possible. The residents of Kasechewan were on a boil-water advisory on and off (but mostly on) for 8 years. If Burlington, Calgary, etc. was on a boil-water advisory for 8 minutes there would be rioting in the streets.
So where should our tax dollars go, if not to providing clean drinking water to Canadian citizens? I have to assume that Decoin doesn't benefit from public funds for clean water. He isn't supplied by a municipal water source. He draws water from the lake and filters it for himself. And if his kids were dying from water-borne diseases he would take it like a man. This is what you're saying, yes?
So you must have been horrified when Jim Prentice and the entire Conservative caucus lamented the circumstances at Kasechewan when they were in opposition. How dare they steal the money you earned losing your clients' court cases, Yes?

4:26 PM  
Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

What I like about Decoin is despite being routinely ridiculed and humiliated, he rarely misses posts we make about the First Nations. He must check the site near-daily. I should be flattered by this slavish devotion to my blog. Certainly I understand - it is a damn good blog. Yet I have to admit I find it just a little bit "pathetic", to borrow a term. Although he should be commended for living somewhere where he is supplied with clean water. Those First Nations could learn a lot from him, eh?

4:29 PM  

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