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Thursday, March 16, 2006

a pale too far?

Harper welcomes Quebec as an independent entity at UNESCO. Let the new federal experiment begin!

"I think what's beyond the pale in this campaign is Mr. Martins' repeated suggestion that the Conservative party is in bed with the separatists, and that the Conservative party is getting its policies from the separatists. That's the allegation that is beyond the pale in this campaign... The policies that we've put forward are the policies of federalists across the country."
- Head Waiter Stephen Harper, December 2005

Québec already has participating government status in La Francophonie and… will continue to work toward the creation of an international French-speaking commonwealth. To this end, it will willingly lend its assistance to other member nations of the French-speaking community while respecting the diversity of languages and cultures found among the peoples of the world.

As a sovereign state with new powers and a clear respect for international law, Québec will take an active part in the world's leading organizations.

To meet its international goals and foster good relations with the international community, Québec will increase its existing foreign representation.

-"Quebec: On The Road to Nationhood" - BQ policy document identifying steps to soverignty.

I wanted to accept that challenge [to debate Gilles Duceppe] but [Paul Martin] refused. I tell you that the prime minister of Canada must always be prepared to meet the separatist leader and debate this country when and wherever.
- Headwaiter Harper

"If [Harper] delivers and Quebec has a voice, let's say at UNESCO, that [would be] good for a sovereign Quebec in the future. All the sovereigntists are supporting the fact Quebec is having an international presence in the francophone summit. This is a plus not only for the sovereigntists, but for Quebec. It's preparing us for the day [when] we'll be a sovereign country and be present everywhere. So the more we're present, the better it is, so we'll support that."
- Gilles Duceppe

Maybe it's a good thing that that debate didn't happen. Might not have been much to see, eh?


Blogger Steve said...

Bang on. Harper refered to this as "open federalism." I think I will say more on this later. Another issue is that there is a federalist government in power in Quebec! The person you see posing for snapshots with Harper is a Liberal, supposedly. I fail to see how Charest can't question this strategy.

I suppose this is said to be unrealistic. Well, frankly no. We are not talking about tax points and issues of complexity that can be skirted around this is simple. One voice speaks for Canada. That is just common sense, at least to a federalist.

11:38 PM  
Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

Yeah, Charest is a lost cause. Does anyone remember the Charest of the late 90s? THe wildly popular federalist, who was to stare down separatism once and for all? He's been chewed up and spat out, and he's only hurting his purported cause now.

8:33 AM  
Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

The critics have spoken!

"...the best Liberal blog that Jason Cherniak won't put on his directory."
- Leonard Maltin

8:59 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

ha ha ha

9:42 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Didn't I quote Leonard Maltin for subject line of email? ha ha he gets around.

9:43 AM  
Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

yeah I borrowed him

9:56 AM  

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