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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

pony up Prentice et al

Prentice and Indian Affairs announce that there is no intention for any involvement in the Six Nations occupation.

The question is why. If this development is legitimate, then at some point in history the federal government has presided over the sale of that land. If the land is being developed upon illegally, then the government has a very simple responsibility - enforce the law and oversee the return of the land to the Six Nations. Under no circumstances is the federal government absolved of responsibility.

It's more than a little unfortunate that the only people in the position to achieve a meaningful response to this protest are not interested in listening. Prentice needs to be involved. Lloyd St Amand is the local MP. Hell - many Six Nations are employed in my riding. As a happy coincidence, we are represented by Conservative backbencher David Sweet. When I engaged him privately (read: accosted in a parking lot) he told me that our apathetic approach to First Nations land claims is something we'll regret above all else in 20 years. Congrats Dave! Here's your chance to show you meant it, and weren't just saying what you thought would prevent a mugging.

For context's sake: A map of the land originally endowed to the Six Nations. Just so we all understand how reasonable this land claim is.


Blogger Steve said...

How much of the land is the development on?

11:39 PM  
Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

It's one (I think western) corner of Caledonia, which you will see on the map just to the east of the reserve. Good point - I should've mentioned that

8:32 AM  
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