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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

red (for revolution?) tories

On Wednesday night, John Tory is billed to speak at the annual meeting of the Ontario Landowners Association. For our out-of-province readership, Tory is the Ontario PCs' moderate offering. He plans on retaking Ontario with his reasonable Bill Davis-esque centrism.

The Ontario Landowners Association? You can find them at Rural The OLA asks "Are you fed up with the intolerable acts of government?" It then procedes to list those most odious of bureaucratic power grabs. The highlights:
- The Nutrient Management Act
- Environmental Protection Act
- Species at Risk Act
- Fish and Wildlife Act
- Environmental buffer zones
- Drinking water regulations (yeah, what prompted such a polit bureau encroachment anyway?)
etc., etc., etc.,

This is the same organization that distributed pictures of a deer shot dead with the caption "Leona", in response to MP Leona Dombrowsky's support for environmental regulations. President Randy Hillier chocks this up to his having "a different sense of humour," but he oughtn't sell himself short. A veritable Jeff Foxworthy, eh?

The message here is hold tight, ye hardworking Ontario taxpayers! Tory, his OLA friends, and their moderate alternative will be along shortly to deliver you from the Maoist radicals that run things now.

Kudos to Baseball Canada!


Blogger Steve said...

Yeah, I am always skeptical of the so-called "red tory." Don't get me wrong, I understand the concept fine, but in reality it is often improperly applied. Tory also opposes the Green Belt, another environmental initiative. His party has officially drafted a return to teacher testing. This is a party that was so far to the right under Mike Harris, that passing a few arch-conservatives up (to the supposedly moderated federal conservatives) gets them credit for moving to the centre. This, at the very least, has to cast some serious doubt on that.

6:36 PM  

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