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Sunday, February 26, 2006

in their own words (part 3)

John Godfrey is another potential leadership contender. I'm not sold on his leadership, but he certainly brings something to the race.

From The Canada We Want, written by him and Rob McLean:

"The greatest internal threat to Canada has always come from those who have held out the false promise of simple solutions, whether those simple solutions have come from Quebec separatists or Western populists. The latest threat comes from those who argue for the simplicity of a market-driven economic imperative imposed upon us by the imperative of globalization (29)."

"A health care system for all of us, not just for me: these simple words express both a value system and a complex moral choice that Canadians have chosen to make explicit... It is our contention that in the face of global challenges, the societal imperative is more necessary than ever, not simply because it is the right thing to do (though it is), not merely because it is in the great historical tradition of Canada, but because our future survival as a country demands it. To think and act as a society is what "real countries" do (53-55)."

"In the last quarter-century, National Projects have faded away, except in Quebec. There are a number of reasons for this, including government deficits and a general lack of confidence in the ability of governments to play the leadership role that is essential for successful National Projects. The question before us now is whether Canada should forever abandon this strategy for nation-building that was so successful in our collective past, or if, aw we believe, it is time for a new wave of National Projects (7)...the foundations for Canada's success... were laid in the extraordinary period roughly between 1950 and 1975... we can count six great National Projects: public health insurance and the health care system; education; income security; human rights; Canadian culture and research; and physical infrastructure (27)."

Do with that what you will.


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Is he considering running though?

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