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Sunday, February 26, 2006

good lord

From Christina Blizzard's most recent Sun Media column:

"When McGuinty became premier, the Ipperwash inquiry became yet another way to discredit the previous government. That's too bad, because this shouldn't be about politics. It's about a terrible tragedy, and how we can avoid anything like this from happening again. "

This is a pretty irrational assertion. Should the inquiry not have been called? Should McGuinty have waited to be replaced by a Conservative government before an inquiry could happen? She means niether thing, I'm sure. Just needs to think things through.

The issue was politicized when the PC government acted out of schocking partisanship by refusing to call it upon themselves. Otherwise, any question of the political capital it carries is a discredit to the process.


Blogger Steve said...

Yes. There is a letter in the Free Press about this today, a guy complaining about a 10 year old story...How can it not be acknowledged that in took so long because it took nearly that long to get a govt in who was willing to look at it (in their first day nonetheless). But this kind of backlash/reaction to the Inquiry only further underscores the political nature of the PCs not calling an inquiry themselves, using time to erase. Blizzard is unthinkably biased.

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