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Friday, February 10, 2006

I never gave a good goddamn about lip sinking musicians. I was bothered when non-lip sinkers were lent automatic esteem on those grounds alone.

Of course Garth Turner has been (mutedly) critical of David Emerson. He eviscerated Stronach for crossing the floor on an issue. When Gary Carr left the provincial Tories for the federal Liberals, Turner called him "an arrogant flip-flopper," a "politician of convenience."

Why are people canonizing this man? He suggested mildly that it might be an ok idea for Mr. Emerson to face a by-election - but "Harper surely had sound reason for his decision." He stayed mildly consistent from one week to the next.

This demonstrates to me that ethical standards are fairly low for members of all parties.


Blogger Steve said...

I've personally not been one of the shrieking banshees about floor-crossing, and I think the NDP campaign plank of outlawing it was bad policy. I'm less cynical about the opportunism of doing it than perhaps I should be, but doing it before the first day? That's just ridiculous. It sheds even the slightest prentensions of motivations beyond power. And the crucial difference is it wasn't a situation where he didn't have a very easy option to support the conservatives TWO damn weeks before.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

I was thinking about this today so I'll comment. While I agree non-lip sinking musicians shouldn't get automatic credit, I think Ashlee Simpson making her being caught doing something unsurprising but wrong if you are a real musician into an ordeal where she has been slighted by a cruel and perfection-seeking society (also sexist apparently) is absolute horseshit. And she tried to blame her band! And she did steal Lindsay's boyfriend! ha ha ...liberals

7:54 PM  
Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

I thought that floor-crosser legislatoin was bad policy. I still feel that way. But yeah, Emerson's case does stand alone. Other floor crossers may have been opportunists, but at least they waited for opportunities.
You're right on the second account as well. Ashley Simpson is a stand-alone case herself, a)because she spinelessly blamed her band, b)because she had deliberately cultivated this image of being somehow less objectionable,articial than her sister (people bought it - seemingly because her hair was black), and c)she had the gall to complain about the public response.

8:46 PM  
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