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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Anointed One

After endless weeks of speculation, the woman expected to inherit the Liberal party has declared her candidacy. Martha Hall Findlay - "Marth" in kitchens across this country - has officially opened the leadership race.

This is a beautiful thing. I consider the man hours dedicated over the past month to running Brian Tobin searches through Hansard, to tracking down minutes from Carlyle Group meetings, to going to Tim Hortons to buy the coffee to stay awake during a Manley speech... And it's Martha frigging Hall Findlay.

Allow me to preempt the inevitable news media excuses. Fact is, someone should've picked up on this. She's not an MP, nor a candidate, yet ran a website featuring general interest gems like a picture of "Martha discussing the environmental considerations undertaken in the construction of York Region's Community Safety Village with Peter Orved."

I really genuinely applaud the audacity. This is the way these sorts of things are supposed to work. I pledge to you, Martha, that I will get to know you better.


Blogger Lissy Riel said...

Fuck man, that is sooooo true.

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