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Thursday, February 09, 2006

conspiracy theory cont'd

I want to build on my last post. I am ever more disturbed by these allegations, and not for the reasons that the Liberals behind the story intended.

To reach a softwood lumber agreement in principle, then remain mum so as not to forfeit our ability to criticize George Bush over the course of the election? This actually lends credence to the generally pathetic conservative charge of picking diplomatic fights for the sake of politics.

The act itself was dishonest and shouldn't have happened. The act of deliberately leaking this information is a real head-scratcher from a Liberal insider point of view (is anyone really going to believe that Emerson deliberately held up this agreement with the intention to orchestrate some vast personal glory grab? Would he have criticized Stevo so vocieferously during the campaign if he had always planned on crossing the floor?).

Is new blood needed in this party. Lord yes.


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Hear hear!

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