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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunny sunday

If you want to feel good about the state of Ontario's governance, check out today's Toronto Sun editorial. An indictment, yes - but weak as water in the best possible way. The Sun braintrust (is something funny?) flounders to demonstrate how getting the province out of debt reflects poorly on the McGuinty government. It's a beautiful turn of logic. When the Libs spend, they are bribing us for our votes at election time [although the article insinuates that there is all sorts of spending going on now, and - with help from the expert testimonial of one Mr. John Tory - suggests that the budget should be balanced in the short term... which would leave the big spending closer to election time... but that doesn't qualify more readily as a vote-buy?!]. When the Libs save... well it's a bad thing, although it's not entirely clear why. They're just lying, maybe? That we were never in debt the way that external auditors said we were? That the Canadian Taxpayers Federation knows something that no one of any political stripes anywhere near the gov't budget books knows? And round and round we go.

"Hey Mike - why are you reading the Toronto Sun?" Oh yeah! Never mind.


Blogger Steve said...

this is true, I'll have more to say on this I think.

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