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Thursday, October 19, 2006

something in the water

Ontario Libs introduce the final element of a universally applauded clean water iniative. The same Tory MPs that sat at Queen's Park during the Walkerton crisis vote in opposition. So does the NDP. John Tory can't even show his wide crimson face.

I think we'll be OK come Fall '07.


Blogger wilson61 said...

''One by one, the Liberal members of the Ontario Legislature rose to vote for a bill that they believe will put the ghosts of Walkerton to rest. And, one by one, the opposition members on the other side of the aisle endured taunts of "shame" and stood to vote against it.

The Liberal majority ruled and the Clean Water Act passed third and final reading yesterday afternoon by a vote of 53-28. But, if nothing else, the vote showed that nothing trumps politics...

Sounds like what is about to happen to the Clean Air Act, only with a Conservative minority, so it will be voted down.

5:43 PM  

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