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Monday, September 25, 2006

keep wackos out of Caledonia

A planned rally on Six Nations land currently held by the provincial government is causing tremdous concern amongst both Six Nations and Caledonian residents. The organizers: co-founders of the organization "Caledonia Wake Up Call". That is Mr and Mrs McHale, a couple from... Richmond Hill?

What exactly is their cause? A sish to bring stability back to their home community? Well, no. They live north of Toronto. Do they wish to bring an end to the various road blocks, etc that threaten economic viability in Caledonia. Well, no. Those have been disassembled already. Perhaps they feel the Six Nations need to be removed so that development at Douglas Creek can continue. Well, no. The provincial government has purchased the disputed land in full, and is now in the process of transferring title to Six Nations.

So what drives this computer programmer - from Richmond Hill - and his wife to go to such lengths, in organizing their "March For Freedom"? Hmmm...

I won't link to Caledonia Wake Up Call's website, because I have no interest in generating any traffic in that direction. I will provide some highlights, so that we might build a profile.

Otop the page is a dramatic bar, bearing - inexplicably - the seal of the American Department of Homeland Security. "For Our American Viewers", the McHales have provided today's Terrorist Threat Advisory. Thougthful. This makes more sense when we discover, further down the page, that they have contacted that same Department about "Native Homegrown Terrorism" at Caledonia. The letter provides our first insight into the minds behind the rally. (It's unclear who the author is but he seems intimately linked with the "March For Freedom") Passionate, yes - if not John Locke:
"As you are no doubt already aware... [the protesters] are not exactly sunday school teachers."
It continues to list a laundry list of infractions on the part of the above:
"[They] threw officers out of a police car Grand Theft Auto Style... [They are] playing loud music... etc. Sounds like these events could be happening in Iraq or Afghanistan, doesn't it?"

Further down the webpage, they call for the OPP to be disbanded. Why? Because "they defy our democratic system, they overlook murder", etc. etc.

Elsewhere, in a distinctly freudian moment, they superimpose a KKK hood over the head of a Six Nations protester.

There are numerous allegations that this reclamation was "NEVER ABOUT LAND CLAIMS" but about a casino (of course). Etc., etc., etc.

I could dig up more but there is no need. Obviously these are irrational people, obviously there is no reason at play and only hatred. And there will always be people like this existing on the periphery. So why write this post, why give them a moment's thought? A couple reasons:

a) This organization is not the citizens of Caledonia. This organization is profoundly more dangerous, and offers a considerably greater potential for massive escalation. They cannnot be allowed to interlope as they would.

b) Why has Toby Barrett, MPP for Haldidmand-Norfolk-Brant, agreed to appear as guest speaker at the "March For Freedom"?

Toby Barrett: John Tory's "moderate" posse rides again


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toby B is a waste of skin

1:14 PM  
Blogger MAW said...

I sent Gary the following note, which he duly ignored. Some people just don't get it when their vision becomes blurred by arrogance and stupidity. Takes all kinds, even dangerous ones. ~ MAW

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark-Alan Whittle
Sent: September 25, 2006 7:28 PM
To: 'Caledonia Wake Up Call'
Subject: RE: Media Coverage
Importance: High

Come on Gary, they're like sharks, they smell blood, and your chumming the line. I don't blame you for not taking my advice, after all it wasn't your son that died shortly after visiting Kanonhstanton, and in whose name the sunflowers popped up suddenly, it was mine. You will never understand or get on the land, I guarantee it. Logan's powerful spirit will make sure of it. Laugh if you want, but after my experiences the other day, I'm not laughing, the kids got juice now, and he's not afraid to wield it like the warrior Angel Gabriel.

Don't be a fool boy.

Remember the hardware store guy who rode Karla's coat-tails for his 15 minutes of fame? His name was Gary too. Ever hear from him now, he was a media darling too, for about 15 minutes. He had an agenda too, but tried to say and do otherwise, just like you Gary, why fool yourself into thinking it too? The guy was ruined, in spite of himself. You're being set-up, so don't say I didn't warn you.

Please take care Gary, you can always go back home when all is said and done. The others will be left holding your bag, and whatever tragic results that flow from that. Has Toby cancelled yet, or is he going to wait till the last minute? He will never confirm in writing, that I also guarantee. I think he got told yesterday, but don't quote me here. Matter of fact, don't quote me at all, I have what's left of my family to protect. The subversives you seek to keep out are already in, I counted at least five in the room the other night.

From what I hear the 'Blues Brothers', the under-cover O.P.P. babe was aghast.

After all, how well do you think you know those people in that room the other night? Going to trust them like a brother, are you insane Gary? They need you to open the door, and it looks like you already have. You’re an anarchists dream come true, a senseless idealist, to them, a dime a dozen dead or alive, as the saying goes. This is not the time or place to play 'Gun Smoke' Hoss, what's with that, fantasies of that sort can be deadly in this day and age, wake up before it too late Mr. McHale.

7:46 PM  
Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

You're right Mark, there is certainly some arrogance at play.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Steve said...


1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I encounter a site like this one I am truly amazed that the writers can believe their own bull shit. As I read on I see the veiled threats and intimadation the writers have used to quell any opinions other than their own. Anyone who drives through Caledonia on a daily basis the way I have since the occupation can clearly draw their own conclusions about who is acting in a legal and prudent way and who the agressors and terrorists are. You only have to have viewed the environmental damage inflicted by the occupiers by burning large piles of tires, torn up main public roads, burned bridges, objects thrown off of bridges onto traffic, stolen autos, destroyed power transformers,attempted murder of a police officer, the threats and intimadation of old people, women and children and the theft of autos and TV crew camera and the assult on TV Cameramen from CH TV and you can only draw one conclusion about who the agressors are and who the law abiding citicizens are. Gary Mc Hale may be from out of town but remember it is the occupiers who have drawn the attention of the outsiders like Mc Hale and now through the immense media attention are being watched and judged by the entire country. McHale needs to say nothing, pictures and media attention have already shown what the occupiers are about and even though the occupiers have successfully intimidated everyone in Caledonia through their demonstrated desire for violence this does not mean that they have intimidated everyone in Canada.Now the entire country is watching and formulating their own opinions free from the threats of violence and they can see through the actions, threats and gang associations (Hells Angles) that the Lawless actions we have seen to date prove that we are dealing with a true terrorist group and we should deal with them accordingly. This may be the beginning of the end for this lawless type of activity by the Natives and may finally force the Government agencies to respond to these terrorist acts with the full severity of the law to ensure that Canada has one law for all and enforces security for all of it's citicizens regardless of their ethnic backgrounds.

Signed: Another outsider who's attention was drawn by the lawless terrorist activities of the occupiers.

9:04 AM  
Blogger Anna Nomis said...

I too have driven through the town of Caledonia. I also have felt a sense of fear driving through the town, but not against the native "occupiers". I'm afraid that someone will see my confederacy flag on my car and put a rock through my window like they did when I first put it on while I was away at university.

When the reclamation/protest started I felt at first a sense of shame, just like, "why do this now, I don't want the attention". Now I've come to realize a sense of pride in myself and my culture, to stand up for oneself because no one else will. That it is not about Caledonia, but rather that we as a nation have sat idlely through terrorism, eviction of our own lands, kidnapping, murders, rape, and right to the core of our culture which is our language.

What was this "protest site" like on Thanksgiving weekend when I drove through for the first time in months? It was quiet, and I was in awe of the progress Caledonia has made despite their 'suffering' from the blockades that have been down for some time.

When you turn on any news channel they always show the breaking points to make you think 'lawlessness' happens on a regular basis. What I saw was a few people sitting around a fire like the first few months of the occupation, talking and I honked support as I used to because I'm off 2 hours away getting a higher education, but my heart is with those on the site.

10:50 AM  

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