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Monday, October 23, 2006

Ignatieff's Indigenous Agenda

Ignatieff today released the details of his plan for Aboriginals in Canada. It's worth a read. Much of it is genuinely exciting.

The Aboriginal Nations Recognition and Reconciliation Act is as dramatic a suggestion as any that he has made this campaign. It is an opt-in formula, which recognizes the varying capacities of each First Nation at this instant. By transferring the responsibility of citizenship issues, it rights a dramatic and farcical wrong that has survived a century and a half.

The Treaty and Land Claim Agreement Commissioner is a fine addition, but not the radical overhauling of the land claims resolutions process that is badly needed. It doesn't alter the power imbalance. If it was coupled with active support - financial and otherwise - for First Nations pursuing their claims, it would make for a decent start.

Unfortunately, the ticker headline on CBC Newsworld today was (approximately) "Ignatieff promises to revitalize the Kelowna Accord" - which is the position of every single Liberal leadership candidate.

There was much good on this front from Dion recently as well. Again, he unfortunately developed no media traction.


Blogger WestmountLiberal said...

I agree 100%!
Finally something all Liberals should be able to agree upon :)

3:08 PM  
Blogger Youppi1981 said...

What do you think about his constitutional proposal to recognize quebec as a nation? Furthermore, I think he wants to amend constitution to further recognize first nations, no?

8:22 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Another progressive announcement drowned away. It seems a good plan.

8:44 PM  

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