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Friday, August 18, 2006

Bon Film!

Just took in Bon Cop Bad Cop. I went for Colm Feore, the acting genius that he is (he can do it all, this was a far cry from the last thing I saw him in, Shakespeare's Coriolanus). I'll agree from the ads my feelings were the prospect of a big Canadian flick with Feore and Rick Mercer are appealing enough but the movie probably won't be very good. I'm glad to say I was pleasantly surprised. It is far better than the trailers make it look (and if you think they make it look good well then enjoy). Reviewers don't seem to like it? Well come on now, it is a buddy cop film not Denys Arcand, so we can expect some level of cliche, etc. But this is true only in small, harmless doses (not that we don't get enough cliches from someone like Cronenberg without him getting called on it).

I'm not usually into this genre, the Shanghai noon movies, for example, keep up at night lamenting a world where Owen Wilson is taken so much more seriously than Luke Wilson, but this is a solid flick. Funny and engaging, and Feore and Quebec actor Patrick Huard are great. Bilingualism lives!

A fun movie that even were it not well done would still be gold for bringing Canada's best actor to the screen once again (sorry Paul Gross).

Go see it! Do it for Colm, do it for Canada.



Blogger Steve said...

Note, I would see this again. ha ha

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