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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Leadership Race Wishlist

What I want to see happen some time between now and December: a compilation of hopes and wishes.

  • a candidate answers a question about federalism with something other than reavowed support "a strong federal government and strong provinces."

  • a candidate answers a question about health care with something other than reavowed support for the Canada Health Act

  • a candidate answers a question about Caledonia/Native land claims or self-government with something other than reavowed support for the Kelowna Accord (which applies to neither)

  • we realize the absurdity of positioning an issue upon which there is essentially consensus - at least in practical terms - as the defining issue of the leadership campaign (Afghanistan)

  • Bob Rae demonstrates in clear and uniequivocal terms what makes him other than a New Democrat. This can be in terms of principles, process - anything.

  • Joe Volpe withdraws from the leadership race, crosses the floor, and resumes his old role as Immigration Minister.

  • We stop patronizing Martha Hall Findlay with our surprised approval (if she had absolutely no accomplishments to her name, no ability to speak publicly, no ideas, she wouldn't have put herself in this position)

  • a candidate positions his/herself in opposition to the Meech Lake decentralization that once galvanized the Liberal faithful and is now trumpeted by so many of our would-be leaders

  • we make a decision collectively - either we agree that effective energy policy can take precedence in the short term over electability in Alberta, or we ceased to pretend that this party is poised to get serious about the environment

  • We see a more substantial debate generally (Yawn. This comment has been made by everyone and his uncle. But it is us that allow these circumstances to remain. Only when we cease to manufacture enthusiasm everytime our candidate fires off some echoing platitude will this request be taken seriously.)

    Blogger Steve said...

    Just in from the coast, Morden lights it up.
    Be back in a couple weeks, for now, enjoy the many detractors youère sure to get with this message. I for one say power to ya.

    9:57 AM  
    Blogger Steve said...

    No access to Internet, just got to a computer

    9:57 AM  
    Blogger Red Tory said...

    Dream on...

    Substance would indeed be nice.

    10:59 AM  
    Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

    Steve, you are missed in the interior.

    Red, with reference to my last point I almost included a tip of the cap to you - critical of your candidate when criticism is required i.e. silence on the Middle East

    11:23 AM  
    Blogger Sholdice said...

    Platitudes are what unites us as a party. Steve thinks you're going to get detractors. I don't think so.

    This leadership race has been a bloody shambles. Everyone (I include Kennedy) really hasn't been touching on the issues.

    As to Afghanistan, I think that while there is the practical consensus (as you say), in larger terms it will become divisive. Something which got me thinking about this was a documentary the other night on the CBC called "The Rise of the Politics of Fear". Basically the neo-cons lied to us about the war on terror, and it should be the defining issue of politics in Canada, the United States and elsewhere. As far as I can see, the war in Afghanistan is about propping-up an American puppet. Even if we want to democritize the place I don't see why the US would allow it. Canada hasn't fought in an imperial conflict since the Boer War, but I'm starting to think Afghanistan is heading in that direction. The only reason the "consensus" exists is to save face for us Liberals who decided to go in during the emotional post-Sept 11th period.

    Mike, let's drive motorcycles across South America and use what we learn on the trip to redefine Canada's left. What do you think?

    5:06 PM  
    Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

    Now that's a tremendous idea. I'm available as soon as victory at Caledonia is assured. After that I'm just going to show up at your door one day and tell you to come. It may be in the middle of the night.

    6:30 PM  
    Blogger Zac said...

    We stop patronizing Martha Hall Findlay with our surprised approval (if she had absolutely no accomplishments to her name, no ability to speak publicly, no ideas, she wouldn't have put herself in this position)

    I think I'm guilty of this one myself. Either way, great post.

    11:35 AM  
    Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

    Hey I was guilty of it too

    6:32 AM  
    Blogger Zac said...

    Hey, your bang on though Mike, it was a little patronizing.

    On the rumour mill sidenote, check out this little theory about Ignatieff:

    10:18 AM  
    Blogger SteelCityGrit said...

    I just came from there. Interesting, eh? It would bring relief to my conflict-riven mind, but the race and the party would be much much poorer for it.

    1:51 PM  
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