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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ignatieff as Deputy Leader

Dion's naming of Michael Ignatieff as Deputy Leader was a great move, and I greet it with full approval. This is a man who garnered 45% of the vote of delegates at the convention to be leader, and more importantly, is an expert in a variety of public affairs, with an outstanding potential to be an effective MP. I think Dion's logic makes the most sense, having the most qualified people closest to him. And anyone who has watched Question Period recently, would probably agree that Ignatieff is likely to turn into a real force against Harper. Perhaps it is not unexpected, but I do believe he could have done otherwise without widespread unrest. The fact is, before the leadership race, before any camps, I was happy to have Ignatieff in this party, and I'm happy to have him up front. Look at our front bench now!

As for all this talk about the Art of War, well, it seems pretty illogical to me. The logical thing for Dion to do, if he were worrying purely about his "enemies" and viewed Ignatieff as such, would be to diminish his profile, as realistically as he could, not to put him in a position to potentially "outshine" the leader himself (assuming the factionalism people are referring to were present and people looked at it as a contest). No, if anything I'd say he took a chance in that strategic sense, but I have a higher opinion of Ignatieff and this team then to worry about all that.

What Dion did do is take someone who is eminently qualified, who could be a great ally, and put him where he belongs, helping this party stand up to the Conservatives.



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